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Disneyland Secrets

Disneyland Secrets and History


Disneyland has a number of secrets that are part of it's rich history.  Ranging from the hidden Mickey ears throughout the park to Walt Disney's private apartment and even the exclusive Club 33, there are many secrets and items of interest to explore!

Perhaps my favorite of the Disneyland Secrets is the exclusive Club 33.  Club 33 is an exclusive, private club within the Disneyland park.  Located in New Orleans Square, it has played host to many famous names, and continues to be a highly sought after membership.

The club maintains less than a 500 count membership, and there is a large waiting list to join.  There are a number of excellent sites out there that go into detail about this club, but perhaps the best I've come across is Disneylandclub33.com.  Check their website out for any and all details you want to know about this club.  Very interesting reading, not to mention many pictures of the club and stories.

There are a couple Disneyland secrets concerning the Matterhorn.  There are two lines for this ride, seemingly ending up at the same ending point.  In fact, the two sides are not identical, and when riding on the Tomorrowland side, you will have a faster ride.  Keep in mind, the weight of your bobsled will also determine the speed of your ride, but the Tomorrowland side is the faster ride, all things being equal.  In fact, when the ride first opened, there were "faster" and "slower" signs for the ride.  These labels caused uneven lines, however, and have since been removed.

Another Disneyland secret concerning the Matterhorn- when the Matterhorn was first built, Disney had to include a basketball court inside the Matterhorn.  The only way he could get a permit to build a structure of this size was to build a sports arena.

In another Disneyland secret, keep your eye out for hidden Mickey's.  Disney has incorporated a Mickey Mouse logo into almost every ride, attraction and building in the park.  Some of these are very cleverly hidden, and some can only be seen from certain angles, or even the air!  There is no official count for the number of hidden Mickey's, but it has become a tradition to incorporate at least one, often times more, hidden Mickey's into each attraction.

An interesting Disneyland secret has to do with the walkway between the Disneyland and California Adventure parks.  This area is paved by thousands of octagon shaped pavers.  For $150, you can sponsor one of these pavers and have it personalized.  They call it a "brick sponsorship" or "Walk of magical memories", and is a pretty nifty thing to be able to essentially write your name in the Disneyland concrete!



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