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Disneyland Attractions

Fantasmic, Parades, Fireworks and Other Disneyland Attractions


One of the best parts of Disneyland is the attractions.  There are numerous shows of all types, meet and greets with characters, iconic picture locations and more.  Here we will look at many of the Disneyland attractions that you don't want to miss.

At the top of our list is Disneyland Fantasmic.  This is an excellent must watch show.  Fantasmic is performed after dark on Tom Sawyer Island.  You can see well from many vantage points, but if you want a preferential seat front and center, plan on staking out your spot early.

Fantasmic is a show for all ages, and incorporates characters, lights, fireworks and other special effects.  Taking you into the mind of Mickey Mouse, and very well put together, be sure not to miss this Disneyland attraction.  If it is a crowded day, you might consider getting in a ride on one of the busy rides during the first performance and catching the later show.  The later show typically is less crowded, but just as Fantasmic!

The Disneyland fireworks is another attraction many like to see during their trip.  During the winter holidays, there are select locations where it will snow following the fireworks.  That is pretty nifty, and worth taking in.  The fireworks show by itself, however, is nice if you like fireworks, but is nothing terribly special.  I would not say it is a can't miss Disneyland attraction when the snow is not falling!

Disneyland parades are some of the best parades around.  Full of Disney characters, kids of all ages really do enjoy the parades.  If you want a front row seat for one of the parades, you should plan on finding your spot in advance as the crowds quickly form.  Also, if you are not planning on watching a parade, you should still note the time it is set to start as you will have a difficult time navigating your way around it.  Plan ahead.  Finally, if you are also visiting Disney's California Adventure, be sure to check out Disney's Electric Parade, truly one of the greatest parades of all time!

In addition to Fantasmic, the fireworks and the parades, there are a huge number of other attractions.  Be sure to stop by Mickey and Minnie Mouse's houses in Toontown.  Bring a camera, you can have your picture taken with the famous mouse when you meet him!  Also, for those of you with little girls, the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire has crafts and princess training.  The little girls will love it.

Honey, I shrunk the Audience is a great show playing in Tomorrowland.  3-D with some added effects, well worth watching. 

Tom Sawyers Island is a great attraction, fun for the kids and adults alike, and a great getaway from the crowds when the park is busy.  When you're done at the island, take a walk up Tarzan's Treehouse, maybe not as exciting as the island, but still a nice attraction.

If you want a nice meal, you also might consider eating at the Blue Bayou Restaurant.  Good food, great ambiance as it is situated inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  You will need to plan ahead for this one, however, be sure to make a reservation well in advance.

Bookmark us and return soon, we will be adding more to our Disneyland attractions review, and also will be looking at California Adventure attractions.


About Disneyland is in no way affiliated with Disney, Disneyland or Disney's California Adventure.  We are simply a third party reviewing everything Disneyland, Disneyland rides, attractions and more, as it brings us and our kids great joy, as it should you too, when visiting the happiest place on Earth!

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