Disneyland Rides – Star Tours

Star Tours is one of my personal favorite rides at Disneyland.  This one is an all time classic that blends a great ride with a classic movie.

The wait for this ride is not usually too bad, and the line moves pretty well.  In addition, while in line you have plenty to distract you with Star Wars decor.  This is one of the better lines to wait in, and if it is your first time visiting, the line will keep you entertained enough that the wait is not an issue.

Star Tours is a flight simulator, taking you on an adventure that puts you into one of the classic scenes of all time in the Star Wars series.  With the cockpit movement and the visuals, you really do get a sense of being right in the action.  In addition, this is one of the rides at Disneyland that can truly be enjoyed by those of all ages.

When planning your day at Disneyland, be sure to include time to check out Star Tours.  It is located near Space Mountain, and if you are in the area early in the day, you can knock off two of the classics without the lengthy wait time you may find later in the day.  Even at peak times, however, the line for Star Tours moves pretty well, making it one of the rides you may find yourself on multiple times.