Disneyland Rides – Indiana Jones Adventure

The Indiana Jones Adventure ride is one of the more popular rides at Disneyland.  The line is typically one of the longer rides, but it does offer fast pass services.  I would suggest using the fast pass service if you want to ride this one, as the line can be quite long at times.

Indiana Jones Adventure is a decent ride.  It is a bit bumpy, and very jerky.  If you are into the Indiana Jones movies, this is a ride you will quite enjoy.  If you are not into the movies, this is one that you may move down your list.

The line for this ride is well done, with all the Indiana Jones atmosphere and the cave like walkways.  The ride itself puts you in a jeep, and takes you on an andventure through many of the classic Indiana Jones scenes.  An interesting ride, but not one that I would ride multiple times.

Overall, not one of my favorites, but well done if you are an Indiana Jones fan.  Check out the rest of our reviews of all Disneyland rides for more writeups like this!

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