Disneyland Attractions – Tom Saywer Island

Tom Saywer Island is one of my favorite Disneyland attractions.  It is great fun for the whole family, and can entertain everyone.

To get to the island, you need to take a small skiff over.  Once you disembark, you are free to roam and explore the wilds of Tom Sawyer Island.  Walt Disney himself re-designed this island as he was unhappy with the original design.  The end product is magical for young and old alike.

Explore the caves, where there are some hidden rooms, walk across the suspension bridge, climb the treehouse and take a look at the scenery while on the island.

This is a great attraction for families, especially for those with children who may be afraid of some of the nearby rides.  Pirates of the Carribean can be scary, the Haunted Mansion as well.  Indiana Jones may not be suitable for young children.  Tom Saywer Island offers a nearby attraction that can entertain the little ones, as well as be enjoyable for the adult staying behind.

If you have not been out to Tom Saywer Island, be sure to check it out.  One thing to remember, it does close down in the late afternoon/early evening.  This is the launching point for Disney’s Fantasmic, so be sure to visit the island during the daytime hours.

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