Disneyland Rides – Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean – one of the greatest Disneyland rides of all time.  This ride is such a classic that they made a whole movie series from it.  If you have not been on the ride in some time, you will notice that a number of characters from the movie have been inserted into the ride, including Captain Jack Sparrow, of course!

Pirates of the Caribbean takes you on a boat ride through a pirate siege of a town.  It can be a little scary for some small children, it is a bit dark, and can be noisy at times, but overall this is a good family ride.

Don’t let the line deter you, it may look long, but it moves quickly, generally taking much less time than the posted signs suggest.  In addition, when you walk under the main arch and get to choose to go into the left or the right line, go right, that line moves more quickly.  Keep track of the people entering the left line as you enter the right, chances are you will be on the ride before they even reach the inside portion of the line.

In addition, Pirates of the Caribbean is situated next to Tarzan’s Treehouse and across the river from Tom Sawyer’s island.  For families with children scared of this ride, it makes it easy for someone to stay behind and still have something close by to do.

Overall, Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite Disneyland rides, a must see for everyone, regarless of how often you may visit the park!

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