Disneyland Rides – It’s a Small World

Another classic of the Disneyland rides.  It’s a Small World is just a great ride, and a must see for everyone, no matter how many times you have been to the park.  This is one of the rides that defines Disneyland.  Even with that, the line is usually not too bad, and moves along pretty well.

It’s a Small World is a boat ride that takes you around the world.  Filled with music, you hear “It’s a Small World” sung in many different languages.  Additionally, during the holidays it is decorated.  Great to see after dark all lit up, this is one of the rides that just makes people happy.

The ride is very well done, and has something for everyone.  Again, one ride you won’t want to miss.  Be sure to read our reviews of other Disneyland rides!

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