Disneyland Rides – Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lighyear Astro Blasters is one of the surprisingly good rides at Disneyland.  This is especially true if you have video gamer children, or are a video gamer yourself! The wait time is not usually too bad, and it does offer a fast pass service.  Additionally, the interior of the line is done pretty well, with Toy Story characters and whatnot to keep you entertained.

The ride is basically a single car that seats two.  Each car is fitted with two blasters, laser tag type guns.  The ride takes you through a variety of Buzz Lightyear themed areas, and there are a number of different targets throughout for you to blast.  A LED display on your car keeps track of your score, and you score various amounts of points for shooting the different targets.

At the end of the ride, you can look up your ranking based on your score.  This is a great ride, and one you may find yourself on more than once during your stay.  Even non video gamers will enjoy this ride, and all ages will be able to score points.  A great ride, and one I highly recommend.   Check out the rest of our Disneyland Ride reviews for more!

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