Disneyland Rides – Space Mountain

Space Mountain is a Disneyland classic, and one of the crowd favorites.  It is one of the only true roller coaster rides in the park, and a must see ride for those who like the roller coaster type rides.

Being one of the favorites, you can expect the wait time to be one of the longest in the park.  We reccomend trying to get on Space Mountain first thing in the morning when the wait time will be less, or getting a fast pass for the ride.  Please note, however, fast passes for Space Mountain do tend to sell out early in the day, especially on busy days, so if you want to avoid the long wait, be sure to plan ahead.

As far as the ride is concerned, this one has been redone very well.  It is a fast roller coaster that is pretty smooth.  The interior of the ride is dark with a star background that is excellent.  Although you really cannot see where you are going, the ride is still smooth enough that you are not getting bumped and tossed around.  With the stars all around, this ride has a great atmosphere, and is one of the classic Disneyland rides that should be on your list.

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One Response to “Disneyland Rides – Space Mountain”

  1. i have been wanting to take my kids there….but not to sure what the right ages are to take them???